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Information Technology

EventWare consists of ten unique modules each providing additional efficiencies, effectiveness and visibility to the event management process. From sales to final reporting our systems help to ensure the consistent quality our clients expect and deserve.


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Event Optimizer

The Event Optimizer, powered by ZIPinfo, allows our clients to efficiently target their budgets against their selected customer segments. Popular segments include household with children, high-volume stores, and high-income households.

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Event Set-Up

Event Set-Up helps to organize and define all of the specific event instructions for the talent. This includes sales engagement instructions, what to wear, back-up plans, product preparation, etc…

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Event Orientation

Sunflower Group has multiple forms of training to meet the exact requirements for the job. So, whether it’s phone training, online training or classroom training, we’ll make sure our Sales Professionals will represent your brand with knowledge and enthusiasm.

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Event Preview

Event Preview Module allows for either the CPG or Retailer to view who is assigned to work a particular event. The staffer profile also includes their history of events worked and their performance scores. Access to the various data can be restricted and customized as required.