Points of Difference


At the Sunflower Group the phrase “Innovate or Die” is alive and well. Whether it is a simple product enhancement like adding QR codes to the easel cards at our demo stations, or a significant investment like the patent pending EventApp that is under development, Sunflower is always on the lookout for what’s new!


Sunflower’s creative concepts are more than catchy; they’re enriched with the broad understanding of your branding requirements and tempered by our promotional expertise, ensuring execution ability and related success.

Our goal: to execute events that are so entertaining and informative that the
customer vividly remembers the event, shares the experience with friends and
family, and becomes a loyal customer of the brand.

Creative Mock-ups

Project Cartoons

Sunflower’s 5-member in-house marketing and creative team has over 80 years of proven experience and provides no-cost value-added concept ideation, development and production in conjunction with our standard products and services.

Sunflower can provide creative and production services for easel cards, coupon booklets, banners, displays, table graphics, signs, podiums, coupons and premiums (pens, hats, keychains, etc…).