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Sunflower is the one proven source that will elevate your promotions with superior, client-centric event management, improved execution accountability, enhanced reporting and in-aisle innovation.

Sit back and relax and let Sunflower provide you with their exclusive 8-step Event Management System from concept development through execution/ management and event results analysis.

Reaching shoppers at the 1-yard line, the point-of-purchase, Sunflower sampling programs deliver more than just samples, they deliver results.

Sunflower’s Sales Professionals passionately engage your best prospects with compelling promotion and propel them towards your brand.

Execute, engage, convert……Sunflower!


Six Sigma

Six Sigma

In a service environment, the challenge of meeting and exceeding customer expectations is highly dependent on the ability to control variation. Six Sigma enables us to standardize processes and gain effencies in order to respond better and faster to customer expectations and requirements.

Retail Sample Host

Shopper Intercept Zone

At all of our Sunflower staffed retailers Sunflower has established a Shopper Intercept Zone tactic requiring event personnel to connect with each and every customer within a pre-defined perimeter surrounding their sampling station.

Field Management Pyramid

Multi-Layer Field Coverage

Success in achieving the highest quality of in-store execution and sales stems from a decentralized field operations and a sales network of Area Managers, Field Coordinators, local Sales Professionals as well as national Sales Professionals. They represent the local community and work closely with the stores and suppliers to meet all standards and requirements.

Notepad List

Best of the Best

Some staffing agencies believe that the goal of an in-store event is for the staffer to “show up”. At Sunflower, each week we measure over 18 different metrics, with an overall goal of executing a dynamic event that sells a pre-stated number of units and that represents the retailer and the manufacturer with quality and consistency.